Intentionally Created “Fear”

No matter where I travel to, I meet alot of people who have heard how dangerous it is in the “other” country.  Seems like every country outside of theirs is dangerous.  You have to ask yourself, “where has all this fear in the world come from?”

I think these two parodies above from  do a good job of pointing out just how childlike, rediculous, controlling and manipulative this fear is and where it has come from- which is the “war on terror”, and the media hype around it.  As Michael Moore has pointed out, it’s a war on a verb that can never be won.  So essentially the US government in collusion with Wall Street has created endless war, and the fear around it has spread worldwide.  How convenient.  How easily controlled and manipulated Main Street is by what they see in the media rather than through personal analysis, experience, contemplation and conclusions.  Mass opinion can be created within a matter of minutes by what people see on the TV.  We really need to ask, who is benefiting from all this fear mongering?  It certainly is not Main Street- especially in the US, they just keep loosing more freedoms and earning less, but if you look to Wall Street, tremendous money is being made through the weapons, oil, financial and security industries.  If you look to the governmental platform, more power is being centralized worldwide as they walk lockstep with large corporate agendas.

There is definitely a worldwide focus on emphasizing fear- especially through the US media.  Fear makes you more controllable because when you are in fear, your blood goes to your extremities for “fight or flight”.  Your blood leaves your brain and higher thinking areas so you are actually more stupid and less resourceful when you are in fear.  You are also more subconsciously open to suggestions that may not be in your best interests.  Fear stifels individual creativity, intelligence and connection with life.  It separates and divides people with an “us versus them” mentality.  It also keeps people from traveling.  In short, fear supports war and the weapons industry and Wall Street in general.  Peace is a cooperative process of sharing and working together for the mutual benefit of all.  Through peace, Main Street benefits.

The Start of the “War on Terrorism”:  911- An Inside Job:

If you want an alternative explanation to the rediculous official version of 911- the beginning of the “war on terror” and the worldwide fear it’s spawned, look at  There you will find over 1500 responsible and courageous architecs and engineers in the US that have come forward and put their reputations on the line to state that the official theory of jet fuel collapsing those towers at the rate of gravity on a free-falling object is impossible without a doubt.  Those building were built to withstand a direct impact of a B-52 bomber.  Not only did the twin towers come down at free-fall speeds in their own footprint, but so did tower #7, and it was not even hit by any aircraft.  You can also look at the most watched video on youtube entitled “Loose Change”.  This will give you a great analysis of how the whole official story is a pack of lies and how these towers came down through controlled demolition- impossible by a group of guys operating out of a cave in Afganistan.  A controlled demolition of this magnitude is only possible through collaboration with elements inside the US Government.  But why would the US government lie to us and even worse, elements in it, coordinate such an event?  Most people actually still think that their government is there to protect them.  Just look at the occurances immediately after this attack.  Two endless wars escalating to other countries and a 500-page Patriot act within 30-days that should have taken years to draft, severly limiting Main Street’s rights guaranteed in the Constitution.  The weapons, oil, security and financial industries have profited tremendously since.  And now with the out-of-control ramifications of the Patriot Act, at 2,000 airports in the US, full X-ray body scans have been installed.  Can you imagine the health impacts of getting a full body X-ray everytime you travel?  But then again, it will create more sickness on Main Street for the benefit of Wall Street profits- all supported and enforced by the US federal government.

Isn’t it interesting that all the terrorists seem to be in countries with large oil reserves, or as in Afganistan- supply routes to them.  It’s pretty obvious that “terrorists” and war are going hand in hand with countries with large oil reserves and those who want to trade in currencies other than the US dollar.  The more that fear is perpetrated, the more Wall Street is able to profit through the sales of more war armaments, more security companies and the control of more oil.  The US-based corporations, of course, are the largest manufacturers of war armaments in the world- and war armaments is the most profitable industry.

The US Corporate-Governmental Coalition Has Declared War on Main Street:
Main Street is being assaulted in every area of their lives by Wall Street which is legislated and enforced by the US Government.  Main Street is literally fighting for its life to stave off this blood-sucking corporate-government alliance that is sucking the life out of them progressively with each passing day.  Name an area that is not stacked against Main Street.  Pharmaceuticals and their deadly side-effects and rapidly rising costs, Montsanto and it’s assault on seeds that have taken millions of years to evolve, and their assault on the organic and food supplement companies and their lapdog the FDA , Big Oil and their stranglehold on new innovative energy technologies and oil’s rising costs, the weapons industries and their escalating “collateral damage” numbers- and it’s endless creation of more people that hate the US, The Medical Establishment and its assault on natural means of disease prevention and cure- even with its abissmal trackrecord of being the third largest cause of death in the US and its rapidly rising costs, laws of all sorts tha take away freedoms from Main Street- especially the “Patriot Act”, Covert operations such as spraying Chemtrails, and Haarp that cause sickness and disease and weather disasters, CIA using Main Street as test animals in all kinds of mind control experiments and their black-flag operations to start wars and create fear and terrorism in the world- like 911, the educational system and its dumbing down in public schools and its rapidly escalating costs for higher education, the water poisoning with floride, the soil poisoning with chemical fertilizers and pesticides and fallout from Chemtrails, electromatic polution from cell-towers and other nepharious means, the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries and automation, a lock on advanced technology that would free up Main Street such as free energy and medical breakthroughs that would cure every known disease, and this list could go on for pages. All these assaults on Main Street, continuously and progressively increase Main Street’s costs, and reduce their quality of life- especially their freedoms.  I believe the American public, in general, is finally starting to wake up to the fact that they are literally under attack from this corporate-governmental coalition that has anything but, their best interests in mind.

What This Means for Main Street:

Without this intentional stirring of the pot of created war and manufactured terror by the US corporate-government, Main Street would probably be 100-years ahead in progress.  We would have used our collective knowledge in peaceful applications to rid our planet of poverty and all diseases.  We would have gone beyond fossil fuels along time ago and the need for jobs and money, plus we would probably be exploring other solar systems within our galaxy.  But this isn’t what’s happened here on Earth due to profit, control and greed of a few at the expense of the many. 

But what about fear in the world today in light of the above insights.  First of all, “the war on terror” has no basis.  It was another black-flag operation to create more mayhem, and fear among peoples of the world, so that Main Street is more controllable, and can be sucked dry of more of its life and money, and lose more freedom.  As a result, Main Street is being hearded like sheep to only think in narrower and narrower channels.  If Main Street thinks outside of these ever decreasing channels of thought, they are cast as conspiracy theorists nuts or not patriotic.  If you want another perspective on conspiracy theory, read Jesse Ventura’s new book, Conspiracy Theory.  You can also watch his TV productions of Conspiracy Theory on youtube.  Especially good is his independent investigation of the fact that no plane hit the pentagon.  Just 1-day before 911, Donald Rumsfield, the Secretary of Defense at that time, announced that the military cannot account for 2.3 trillion dollars.  The next day, the place in the pentagon that was hit, was where those records were kept.  Watch this video and learn how your government is more concerned about protecting itself and Wall Street than telling you the truth.  Remember this is supposedly Your Government!

The media is using peer group pressure to keep people in line.  Talk show hosts and the “entertainment” news shows continuously ridicule and label people who think outside the box of officially sanctioned lines as conspiracy nuts or not patriotic.  In other words, if you don’t believe what “your” government tells you, you are not patriotic.  The founding fathers of our constitution would be turning over in their graves!  What an abortion of democracy.  The government is leading the people rather than Main Street leading it’s government.  How can anyone watching these highly biased news broadcasts really still think they are reporting facts as they actually happened?  Besides peer group pressure, authority figures are used extensively to mold public opinion as to what is real.  News reporters are one of the biggest authority figures especially for older generations before the internet.  If an older person sees it on TV, they figure it must be true.  It’s just that easy to brainwash someone that believes carte blanch what they see on TV news. 

It even gets worse.  I read on the internet the other day that the list of suspected terrorists is growing so fast that at the current rate, in 10-years everyone in the world will be a suspected terrorist!  This is the insanity of what this “war on terror” and intentionally perpetrated fear is leading to.  This is the insanity of a corporate/government collusion stacked against Main Street. But it’s not so insane when you look at the astronomical current profits and potential profits for Wall Street of such a scenario!

Traveling is a Direct Antidote to Fear and “The War on Terror”:

I think alot of people don’t travel because of the intentional creation of “terrorism” in the world.  When people rely on the media for their information on other people and countries, they have no personal experience from which to draw conclusions ard they are dependent on what the 97%, corporate-controlled media in the US wants them to think, for Wall Street’s profit. What Wall Street wants you to think is that everyone else in the world are terrorists.  They are all out to get you, so you had better stay put.  By all means, don’t travel because everyone outside of your country is out to rob, attack or kill you!  Without traveling and gaining personal experience of other countries,

Main Street is totally dependent on Wall Street to tell them what to believe about other countries and people. 

It’s hard to get the exact statistics, but it looks to me like only about 1/3 of the citizens of the US have passports.  Additionally, only about 10% of those, travel outside of the US.  This means that only 2-3% of the US population has personal experience of what’s actually happening around the world, other than what they hear from the corporate-based media.  Of course there’s the internet, but the constant barage of TV news has a tremendous effect on what Main Street believes.  All this fear mongering leads to more money spent on war armaments, less freedom so Main Street can be protected.  Protected from what?  From a contrived “war on terror” that was started on false premises and that has been created to control, manipulate and suck the life out of Main Street and keep them from traveling to find out the truth.  As a result, Main Street continues to wither and die on the vine as they support more wars, lose of freedoms and fear in exchange for a false sense of security.

I have personally experienced just the opposite of the fear that is reported in the corporate-controlled media, and so have others I have met that travel also.  Specifically, I have found the populations in the countries I’ve traveled to in Central American and Ecuador including Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama to be incredibly sweet and generous in all their dealings with me.  Main Street here is just like Main Street in the US.  People just want to live their lives in freedom and create a situation where their children enjoy a better quality of life than they do.  It’s also important to realize that you essentially get what you put out.  Treat others with respect and you will most likely be treated back in the same way.  Go into countries on false premisis, kill millions of innocent civilians and you have the formula to create terrorism in the world, which is what is happening now by the US involvement in the illegal and falsely proven rationalle for the two wars the US corporate-government is currently supporting and fighting.  All this is sucking Main Street dry of the resources to create a better future for their families.  It is creating people all over the world that hate Americans.  Looking at world events outside the US media, one can only conclude, the US government/Wall Street alliance is the major cause of terrorism in the world today.

Main Street’s throughout the world are just like Main Street in the US.  I met a guy from Ireland that travels every year during the winter months in the tropics, I put up a photo of him on my Belize blog.  He tells me that Columbia, is the safest and friendliest place he has ever been in.  From his experience many Westerners live there and they love it.  He gets the same media hype in Ireland about all the drug trafficing and violence in Columbia from their media in Ireland that we get in the US.  And it’s all the same- total BS.  He is not the first Westerner I’ve met on this trip that has found Columbia to be safe, clean and very friendly toward westerners.   I think a good rule of thumb to deal with the political views on the news, believe the opposite is true from whatever you are told, or better yet, turn off your TV.  I may plan on visiting Columbia on this trip but if not, probably next year.

When You Think “Fear”, Think Profits for Wall Street, Because That’s Who it Benefits

Fear creates the rationalle to spend more money on better ways to kill more people and to take away more freedoms from Main Street.  War and divisiveness on Main Street is the most profitable scenario for Wall Street.  Armaments, the continued reliance on fossil fuels, the continued trashing of Earth, and the corporate solutions to fear are all benefiting Wall Street profits of fewer and fewer at the expense of more and more. 

When You Think “Peace”, Think Main Street, Because That’s Who it Benefits:

When war and fear are traded for world peace, the resources in the world are available and spent on creating better physical living conditions and more freedoms for Main Street.  From housing, to transportation systems, to cleaner and natural food, water and air, medical solutions that favor preventive natural remedies and lifestyles, to the free development of new energy systems and education that helps people to think.  This endless list of progress for Main Street only becomes possible when peace is present.  However, peace is not near as profitable for Wall Street as war, disease, and a trashed earth.  Main Streets’ all over the world can no longer afford to wait for the corporate/government collusion- especially in the US, to give them peace.  This corporate/government alliance is bent on escalating war and creating more fear, disease, mayhem and a trashed Earth.  Main Street is going to have to take control of the situation on Earth and stop playing this contrived fear and war game.  They gain nothing by following Wall Street and everything by traveling and working together with other peoples of the world for peace and progress. 

The more people travel, and work together in international settings, the more solutions we will find and the more peace we will have in the world.  Please don’t stop traveling because of what you hear in the media.  From my experience, it’s rigged to keep you in fear and to keep you controlled so you only know about the rest of the world what the corporate-controlled media wants you to know- especially through the largest brainwashing tool, the TV.

Designed to Control You, Manipulate You, Suck the Life Out of You, and Keep You From Connecting with Others

Stop watching TV, The World’s Largest Hypnotist and Creater of Fear:

If there was one physical influence you could remove yourself from that would probably have the largest impact of unplugging your exposure to fear mongering it would be quit watching TV.   It only takes 30 seconds after focusing on a TV screen to fall into a theta state, a lower brainwave state where your brain is functioning in a more receptive way.

This theta brainwave function state is exactly the same state  that hypnotherapists use to install new programming that the client would like to function from in place of programming installed previously.  The big problem watching TV is that you don’t have a choice as in a hypnotherapy session.  You are held hostage to whatever the owners of the TV network choose to install into your subconscious awareness.  Once your subconscious awareness has had these new programs installed, you will function from this new programming as fact until they are changed.

This is so important because in the US for example, only 5 major corporations own an estimated 97% of the total news services. These are the same companies that own companies producing nuclear power, war armaments, GMO foods, vaccines, pharmaceuticles, and a whole list of additonal products and services that are not in Main Street’s best interest.  The techniques they use via the TV to change your subconscious programming are so subtle, that when watching you are not even aware of it.  For example, subliminal programming is a technique that has proved to be extremely effective in changing beliefs and behavior, yet it has never had a law passed against it to make it illegal!

Turning off your TV will be harder to do than you might imagine because there is another aspect to TV.  When you watch it  and fall into this theta state, the brain loves this state and endorphins are produced.  Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that are produced to create a runner’s high, or during orgasm.  So what happens is that you become addicted to TV.  Just watch this addiction in your own life.  If you watch a show at a certain time each night, don’t watch it for one night and you will notice a withdrawl of sorts.  You may become crabby and irratible.  You think you just want to watch the show, but in reality your body is looking for that endorphin  “fix” that is has become addicted to.


Consciousness-Based Freedom, The Ultimate Antidote to Fear

People are so easily controllable and molded because they view themselves as separate individuals defined by their thoughts, beliefs and memories.  All these aspects are controlled through the media so easily that individual freedom in given away without the individual even being aware of it.  It happens mainly through the manipulation of collective thoughts, beliefs and memories by those controlling the media behind the scenes.

The way out of this manipulative reality is to notice the awareness we are that is viewing these thoughts, beliefs and memories.  Once we shift our awareness to awareness itself, we take the food value away from our thoughts, beliefs and memories which is our attention.  Our attention is what feeds our experience of life.  We then stop associating who we are based on our thoughts, beliefs and memories and they loose a grip on us.  When this happens we notice a freedom and peace that is literally beyond understanding because it is beyond the mind- beyond manipulation, beyond change.

If you are looking for true freedom, you may be interested in my Ebook that I wrote and freely post on the internet called, “The Freedom You are Looking For, Is Where You are Looking From”.  It can be found at  Our physical reality mimics the consciousness that it exists in.

Educate Yourself- You Must Stop Sucking up to the Wall Street/Corporate Media